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Happy Halloween! (almost...)

So this week is all hallow's eve, and institute is having part-tays left and right!

Saturday Roommate 2.0, myself, Leisha, and two of Leisha's friends went to the church party- where there was a pumpkin carving contest. Roommate 2.0 and I were on a team, and we were soooo fast that we made two in the alloted time. One of them even won Funniest Pumpkin! :) Now our photos are(or will be) on the Wall of Fame.This is Roommate 2.0(Old Lady), Me (Bellatrix/Witch) and our friend Tara (Scarecrow)

on Wednesday we have another part-tay to go to in lieu of institute, I'll be wearing a different witch costume than pictured here.