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I am still internetless at the apartment (I'm dying slowly...) but I have a few spare moments in the library so I figured I'd keep you guys posted on my life.

School is going fabulously. I love my classes. Especially my american literature one, the professor, Mr. Cox (I have to try not to call him Dr. Cox and giggle.) is funny and smart. We have great discussions about social differences and how world events greatly affect literature. The class really proves to me how important blogs are. ;) Think about it. Back then, when Anne Bradstreet and all them pilgrims were keeping journals, they never thought that in 2007 a bunch of college students would be studying their writing. So, in 3007, some college kids may be floating near mars, reading our blogs and learning about our world. It's kind of interesting to think about it that way.

Roommate 2.0 and I are getting along very well. We haven't had to fight over the bathroom or anything like that. It also helps that our schedules rarely overlap. She's in class before I'm awake, and she's asleep before I come back. We're both addicted to NCIS though, we spent last weekend watching a good amount of it. (I have yet to show her the one where Kate dies, it's too tragic.)

Wedding plans aren't full speed ahead, We have a date (December 15th) but we have yet to finalize a location of the ceremony, what kind of ceremony. too many what ifs and such to be for sure either way. But his mother and mine are gonna be in contact ( I can see them plotting against me now =D ) and hopefully, we'll get started on sending out invites. (to all 300 of you. jeez big families....) I also have some plans with Susanne to get her her bridesmaid dress, She found a few she likes online.

Well, spare moment is gone- and I have to get to class . =D