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New Semester!

Well, I'm about 1/2 way through my first week of my new semester at University, and so far it seems pretty average. My apartment complex kindly offers an hourly bus to and from campus, and my classes are fairly easy. I'm taking Math & Human Society (it's math for people who say "I'll never use this in real life!") Advanced French Grammar & Composition, Intro to International Relations and American Lit. Mostly gen ed stuff, cause you can only take one french class at a time.

Jake and I finished registering at Target, and we ordered our wedding bands, for which I am VERY excited cause mine is pretty and sparkly and there will for sure be many photos of it up here. And I really like Jake's too, it's not just a plain band- it's titanium with a gold stripe on it, very nifty. Now I just want to get the invites done for a reasonable price (hallmark had the nerve to ask for $300 plus for 150 invites. and we need about 300.) I'm open to any and all ideas for that. Though, I'm thinking e-mailing the invites would be a tad tacky.