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Summer Nights of AWESOME

So on tuesday- my friends: Colleen, Nikki & Josh plus a bunch of other really cool kids went to a local theater, The Player's Ring to watch my high school english teacher, John Herman ( perform improv comedy with a troupe called Stranger Than Fiction ( It was a very fun and exciting night. Nikki and I even managed to get conned into joining in on a game (hence the crazy photo of me.)

There were some very funny lines- such as "I have come to steal your kitties" but the best one ever had to be from Buj and John II

Buj: Our love is like this flower!
John: Then why is it wilting?!
Buj: Because it's dyyyyyyyyyyinnnnggggg.

maybe you had to be there, but believe you me, I was in stitches all night.

Wedding plans are going well. I've found a bunch of dresses I'd love if I had a random couple thousand dollars hanging around. And I don't see the point in spending that much money on a dress I'll wear for maybe a few hours. But there are a few dresses that I also love that are under $500, so hopefully before I go to school I'll have my dress and be in the process of finding a tailor for it in VA. Congrats to all those 7-7-07 brides!