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The Future Mrs. Jake!!

That's right, the rumors are true! Jake and I are engaged! I haven't stopped grinning since he asked me sunday night. The ring is gorgeous, perfect and exactly what I wanted. I would go on and tell you all how he proposed and such, but as soon as I saw the jewelry box, I didn't quite hear what he said, other than "will you marry me?" and it took me good two minutes to actually respond besides "omigosh" and "WHAT?!"

We're planning on getting hitched on December 15th 2007. A little over six months away. It will be in Virginia, he has a larger family and a lot more of our friends live down there. (He's inviting 100+ people on his own. Plus my large family and NH friends, it will be a big wedding.) I'm greatly enjoying the planning, the bridal magazines and looking at thousands of dresses and flowers. I'm very excited about my bridesmaids, Mae will be my Maid of Honor! and then I have Jake's little sister, Susanne.

I'll definitely be updating this thing more often as more plans are made and exciting news and such.

I'm very VERY excited! :)