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Hello World!

So, lack of updates is due to lack of interesting tales! I've been busy working with my mom and the tiny terrors. Actually, the kids are mostly adorable and I love getting paid to play all day. It's SO much better than standing behind a cash register and dealing with requesting days off and schedules and all that stuff that comes with a job in retail.

I'm also busy planning my two week vacation, most of which Jake will be up here in NH with me for! So, I'm obviously VERY excited about that.

I've done quite a bit of catching up with old high school friends. Nikki is graduating soon, (oh how they grow up so fast. I remember singing buffy songs with her in 6th grade. =D) and thusly we are partying. We're also planning a minor NYC trip to see RENT in August. Mostly because Anthony Rapp and Adam Pascal, two of the original cast members are reprising their respective roles for a bit and we MUST see them. We were about 7 when they were first on Broadway. And also because it will be our last free summer. After this we'll be at college and growing up and we want to leave our carefree lives with a bang! =D

Believe you me, once school starts back up- there will be a lot more posts here.