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I'm Dreaming of a White Christmas...

I really love christmas, of all the crazy holidays out there, I have to choose Christmas as my favorite. When I was little it was cause I got lots of treats and gifts all month long and what little kid doesn't enjoy being spoiled? but now the novelty of presents has really worn off. I'm not saying that I don't LOVE presents, cause I do. But now it's not the focus of my holiday. Even with my knucklehead family (Hi Mom!) I like spending time with them and laughing. (At them or with them, either way.) I know most people hate the busy malls, the horrible traffic and the silly decorations everywhere, but I love it. I love that most everyone just stops doing what they normally do and work at making their own christmases (Christmasi?) perfect. It's one of the few times a year when you know most everyone is doing the exact same thing you are. And it's around this time that EVERYONE is going home to family and friends and trying to be better people cause Santa is watching. I love little kids around christmas time, cause they are just so excited for presents and santa and cookies and their family and everything that it almost makes them explode with happiness. I like the idea of everyone being charitable, no matter their personal beliefs, around this time. It's nice knowing that everyone is trying their hardest to be nice.

I also love the three weeks off from school, but that makes me seem selfish, so we'll keep that between ourselves. =P