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Worst Blogger of 2013

and that award goes to ME!

I really did start out 2013 with intentions of keeping up with blogging. But between grad school, the magazine taking off like a rocket and raising a THREE year old the blog got pushed to the wayside. Here's a giant recap post and hopefully I can cross off the "But I'm already so behind" excuse for not blogging!

1.Learned how to Crochet for Christmas- been making toy food for Chucky Sue
2. Decorated Eggs for Easter (during the Family Flu Fun)
3. Sharpie decorated my walls. All of my walls.

4. Started Potty training shortly after Chucky's 3rd birthday- she caught on quick!
5. Got some updated Cousin Photos for Grandma F.
6. Had a birthday party at Bloop Frozen Yogurt!

7. More crocheting- I do sell these if you're interested. *WINK*
8. We spent most of March without a fridge- I was so happy to get our new one I Instagrammed it!
9. Late Spring Snowman- taken down with our sword collection

10. Lots of silly time with me and the little girl.
11. My job is awesome- Chucky got to spend the day at a festival with me!
12. Chucky has really started to enjoy doing school work.

13. Mother's Day was low-key but awesome. I got to relax with a Carol Burnett Show DVD!
14. Silly time with Daddy!
15. My. Job. Is. Awesome. Some photos from our last event!

Okay there we go, mostly caught up! Now cross your fingers and wish on a star that I can stay on top of blogging for the rest of 2013- it's shaping up to be a BIG year for us!