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In My Head--- Excuses

I wish you could see into my head- I have so many half-baked blog posts. Let's just catch up.

1. We went camping over Labor Day weekend with Dorita and family. It was amazingly fun, though cut short due to the hurricane that passed through.

2. Chucky Sue broke her finger Thursday. A Gymboree clothes display fell on it. She was very brave at the ER and has been great with her splint and recovery.

3.We started watching Doctor Who. Jake and I watch an episode or two for our "date" nights. I absolutely LOVE it.

4. The magazine is going swimmingly! I'm learning a lot and loving every single second. I write three articles and work with my boss on advertising and marketing

5. Jake is in the midst of applying to grad schools. Cross your fingers that he gets in and in a few years, gets a job in a school as a counselor.

6. Jake got called as Young Men's 2nd Counselor in church- he now spends Sundays and Wednesdays with the 12-18 year old boys. He brings in fun object lessons so they really like him.

7. I had a pizza party for my primary class (4 and 5 year olds) They earned it by behaving during class all summer long. It was really cute to spend some time with the kids outside of church!

8. Visiting NH! Hopefully we can save up the money and with some help from Nonie make it up to NH for Thanksgiving!  It'd be a train ride, but I think with enough snacks, toys and Dora episodes, we can make it through.

See, I really do think about blogging, but I hardly ever get it done! If you need a weekly dose of Tracy check out!