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May the 4th be with You: A Mother's Birthday

My mom at 4 years old
Today in my mom's birthday!
She has her own awesome blog too you know. She writes about her chicken visitors, the kids that she watches, her adorable granddaughter and often really, really, REALLY yummy recipes.

These are my parents before they even thought about having me or my sister. 

 This is my mom now- older and wiser but still having a grand time tubing down hills!

I don't even know what it up with my dad's hair.
 My parents made birthdays pretty special. I got cool cookie monster cakes. (And some snazzy red overalls!) I don't remember ever being told I couldn't have a party, even though now I know they had to work really hard to be able to afford it. 

My mom was really good at that- keeping us kids in the dark when money was tight. Sure- I noticed that we didn't have many luxuries and we did have a few years in a crummy condo, but I still had toys, clothes, books and more importantly, a fun childhood. She never let on just how close we came to being in big trouble financially until I was older and out of the house. 
This shows how much Chucky Sue and I look alike!
My mom has always been good at having fun. She's a nanny now, so her talent is being used well! She can think of craft or cooking projects, silly games or songs faster than anyone I know. She also loves kids, and once she has fallen for a kid, oh boy! That kid will be in her heart forever. It may take a while, but once my mom loves you- it's for good.
I've always been a fashionista.
 My mom sacrificed a lot for me and my sister- she worked crummy jobs while we were in school, but still managed to find time to take us to have dance lessons, soccer practice, T-ball games, swimming lessons, shopping trips, church activities and play dates.  Now that I'm a parent, I know how much time, energy and money can go into ONE of those activities, let alone two kids doing all of them!

Even after I got married and had kids, I knew my mom was always there for me. It may earn me some guilt trips and lectures, but if we are in a bind- she has always come to help in any way she can. Most recently, she has paid for Angelina's headstone. The huge financial undertaking aside- she knew how important it was to me and Jake. She made it happen and we are so grateful.
My mom last summer, with Chucky Sue.
Chucky Sue loves her Nonie. Even though they are far away from each other they have a very close relationship. Chucky Sue knows how to use my phone to call Nonie. She loves watching Nonie's chickens, and seeing Nonie play with toys. One of these days I will have to record their Skype chats! When Chucky Sue colors she likes to tell stories about her scribbles, more often than not, one of them is a Nonie scribble.

All in all, my mom is an amazing woman. She is funny, smart, silly and caring. She is what I hope to be as a mother. 

Happy Birthday Mom!!


jen lamb says:
at: May 4, 2012, 4:36:00 PM said...

Oh sure! Write this sappy stuff about me and your appreciation of me on a day I seem to be OUT OF KLEENEX! Thank you though, your words meant a lot to me! I can't wait to Skype w/Chucky Sue tonight!