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Quest For the Perfect Chocolate Chip Cookie: 2

My Quest For the Perfect Chocolate Chip Cookie
Every once in while I'll bake some cookies and share my results here.
 I burn my food so you don't have to!

Today's recipe was featured on 
(a great site for when you have a full pantry but no idea what to cook!)

I love love LOVE oatmeal raisin cookies, but I had no raisins. I figured this recipe looked simple enough that I couldn't mess it up.

I like how optimistic I was...

Ease of Recipe: 5/5- way way way EASY throw it all in  bowl, mix and plop on a pan. No prep work required at all.

Cooking Time: 4/5 I went the recommended 10 minutes at 350, they were crispy enough after 8 minutes though.

Taste: 3/5 the texture was too crumbly, but still sweet enough to curb my cravings for an oatmeal cookie!

Overall Review
I should have read the recipe carefully- DO NOT USE quick cook oats. It turned into this:

a delicious crispy chocolate granola mix that Chucky Sue inhaled at snack time. I left the second batch on the pan until this morning and they stayed in cookie form, but only just barely. It was super crumbly. But you can't go wrong with all that butter and sugar!