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Alternative Egg Decorating

Koolaid, those little color tablets, it's all been done. Don't get me wrong- there is nothing wrong with a classic colored egg. I loved doing them as a kid. But while my toddler is still too young to trust around dyes of any sort, I want to make coloring eggs fun for both me and her. I surveyed the internet and found these fun alternatives to coloring eggs!

Stickers on eggs are simple enough- make sure your eggs are nice and dry (AND COOKED! for the love of all your floor coverings cook eggs that you let children handle!) and place it on there! Smaller stickers work best as large flat stickers on a curved surface leads to disappointing wrinkles. You can also use tape/stickers before dying them to create shapes- those round stickers for binders are great for polka dots!
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These are usually used as a resist in the dye process but strongly colored crayons show up great on white eggs. The cheaper the crayon is though, the less it will show up- stick with good brands like Crayola. Crayons work even better on hot/warm eggs.
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3. Food Dye Markers
(regular markers work too, use non-toxic brands.) 
I bought these pens to play around with for Chucky Sue's birthday cake plans. They weren't as cheap as other coloring methods, somewhere around $6 for the primary colors, another $6 if you want the pastels too. They last a long time though, so it may be worth the investment.

4. Temporary Tattoos
 Oh yeah, you can use these. My mom just sent us a bunch of butterfly ones and I'm thinking a whole dozen of butterfly eggs may be necessary for our Easter celebrations! You can buy tattoo paper at craft stores and even print out your own images- you could "label" hidden eggs for your kids, personalize them to their favorite animals or flowers- how cool would that be?!

Share your "eggs-ellent" creations with me!

...yeah, let's pretend  that pun is still funny.


miss jen says:
at: Mar 26, 2012, 2:45:00 PM said...

I recently saw someone put rubber bands around the egg before setting them in a dye cup. Cool effect.
I invested in 3 egg holder/rotator thing-ys that stick to the kitchen counter. The kids never touch the egg since they can use the handle to rotate it! There is a protective dish that catches the drips so it won't stain the counter.
I love my egg dropper tongs too! They look like some scissors and spoons had a baby!
I can't wait to see others ideas!

Tracy says:
at: Mar 27, 2012, 9:14:00 AM said...

I saw some people dying eggs by holding them in whisks! you used te whisk as a drying rack too. I think that's works best with solid color dying.