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Happy Birthday Chucky Sue!

Let's just move past the complete and utter disbelief that my little teeny weeny preemie is now a big strong TWO YEAR OLD, and go into a party recap shall we?

can't believe she's TWO!

sorry, that one slipped out.

The party was just a family affair, I'm not quite ready for friend parties yet- let me get used to doing all this for people who are stuck with me no matter what!! I apologize for the iphone photo quality, I had planned to use our point and shoot, but it died the morning of the party! We're looking into quickly solving that problem. (Remember you can click on any photo to make it bigger!)

The decorations were fairly simple- pink and purple balloons, rainbow colored pasta layered in glasses, and a pinkie pie on my chalkboard. I covered our table with butcher paper and had crayons out so the kids (and silly grown ups) could color on it.

I also made a crayon melted rainbow thingy. I had wanted one for her room for a while, so for about $5 I made this as a dual purpose decoration!

Coloring the pasta was a lot easier than I thought. A few tutorials on Pinterest had me worried about finding time to heat up the pasta to keep the color from bleeding. But after a few tries, I found that mixing the pasta with food coloring and a touch of vinegar then letting it dry completely before playing with it was just fine. Chucky Sue has played with the rice a few times since the party and unless she truly slobbers all over it, she comes out of it clean as she went in.

nice bright colors, forgot to put purple in before snapping the pic though!
This cake. Oh. This. Cake. Jake has been hearing about this cake since AUGUST. That's when I first joined Pinterest and saw my first rainbow cake. (There are so many of them on there now!) I spent about 5 hours over two days making this dang thing and I was very pleased with the results. It was my first time using anything but buttercream to decorate a cake. I rolled the fondant a little too thin because you can see the blue and purple layers through the white- but I covered it up with all the other decorations. Coloring the white fondant was easier than I expected. The internet experts had warned me that adding liquid to the fondant would just make it a horrible sticky mess. I was able to color them just fine by adding a little powdered sugar and kneading the dough a lot.

The pony toys are from Wal-Mart, they were perfect for my pony obsessed little girl. I didn't fancy having to make my own pony out of modeling chocolate. I just used a little frosting to hold down each statue (yeah we bought a lot- we gave them out as favors and They happen to be my favorite MLP toys.)

Rainbow Dash chilling with Rarity and Gardenia Glow
Then came in the inside of the cake- that's what took the longest, baking two layers at a time took a lot longer than just baking two 9 inch cakes. The cake was delicious, it didn't dry out even though it was baked two days ahead of time. The fondant was nasty to eat, but I put a lot of icing between the layers and on the dirty ice layer so it wouldn't be all play dough tasting.

with a side of rainbow sherbet!
All in all, we had a great time! Chucky Sue absolutely loves her cousins. She even shared her toys pretty well with Dorita (seen here trying to climb up the popular slide.) We played apples to apples, pin the tail on the pony and just chatted. The food was nothing spectacular, just a buffet of Chucky Sue's favorite foods- hot dogs, gold fish, chips, pickles, apple juice and cheese! I got what I wanted out the party- Chucky Sue's face lighting up at everyone who came, playing with her new toys and eating a giant piece of cake!

Happy Birthday Baby Girl!


miss jen says:
at: Feb 17, 2012, 2:01:00 PM said...

Thank you for the reminder about how to make the photos bigger! That was for me, right? I must say that the adult males looked like they were wishing it had been a party just for little girls. That last picture, if you look closely, every male adult was playing w/their phone! Hahaha! Happy Birthday, Chucky-Sue!

Tracy says:
at: Feb 17, 2012, 6:52:00 PM said...

techinically, Jake and his older brother are playing apples to apples and looking at their cards- but yeah the other two were playing on my free wifi :)