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Christmas 2011

Chucky Sue and I spent Christmas morning playing with our stockings and waiting for Jake to come home from work. Because of his schedule and church we had to wait until we got home after the service to see what Santa brought us. Believe me, the wait just about killed me! I've always loved Christmas, it's the only day when I naturally wake up before 10am. I get excited to see other people's reactions to gifts- even if they aren't from me! I knew Chucky Sue was old enough for this Christmas to be a lot of fun.

I was happy we were able to get my parents and sister on skype while we opened presents. I know my mom feels sad when she misses out on big events like that. Chucky Sue loved showing her presents to Nonie and was confused why Nonie wouldn't help her open some of the boxes! Santa was very nice to all of us- we must have been on the good list. Chucky Sue got lots of books, the Lion King, a new Elmo toy and a baby doll stroller. She was bouncing for joy as we assembled the stroller for her, and it's been seen cruising up and down our hallway ever since.

We spent the evening back in town with Jake's family. I was so excited to give my niece's their gifts. I had made them felt quiet books for church- Dorita's pages were based on primary songs and Niece's had a princess theme. I spent far too many late nights working on them, but they were so much fun to make! Naturally they weren't the most played with on that day- but both their parents seemed to like them (I think Chloe even teared up a bit on her "Families Can Be Together Forever" page) and I hope they last! Jake and I got great gifts, from sweaters to gift cards. We ate delicious food and brought home a stomach flu! (Of the merciful 24 hour variety, thank heavens!)

I know it made plans difficult for some, but I loved that Christmas fell on a sunday. My mom always strived to make sure we knew the "reason for the season" when we were growing up. One of my favorite decorations of hers is a statue of Santa praying over Jesus in a manger. Celebrating the birth of Christ on a sunday just made it all that more special to me. It forced our family to literally pause the chaos of Christmas and take a little over an hour to just worship God.

I hope you all had a wonderful holiday, spent time with loved ones and ate way too much good food. Now tighten those belts for those New Year's Resolution Diets!