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When Reality TV mimics My Life

You know that guy who did that movie SuperSize Me? Morgan Surplock. Well he had a short lived TV show called 30 Days. In 30 Days he would live someone else's lifestyle and see how it was different to the average american. His first episode, (and the only episode I've seen) was of him and his wife living entirely on minimum wage. No family to help them out, no savings to rely on. Could they live on I think was just shy of $600 for the month? Turns out, they couldn't. They both had medical emergencies that required ER trips, which wiped them out before rent was even due. Now Jake and I are going to have our own reality show- called REAL LIFE.

Yeah, I know talking about money so frankly is considered rude or unsightly, but this week is going to really test our budgeting skills. I think that is something everyone needs to learn no matter how much they make. We're not so low that I'm worried or scared, just a little stressed and in need of some creativity! So here it is, out for the whole world to see- The Next Two Weeks.

Sunday, December 4th
Starting Account Balance: $660.35 
$76 tithing check
Ending Account Balance: $584.35

Besides tithing, we spent nothing today. We planned out the next two weeks. We mostly focused on food, as we can cut out most other spending. Our food supply isn't low, we have lots of rice/pasta meals, and canned soups. We only have a few pounds of chicken, fishsticks and a can of tuna for meat though, that means groceries are focusing on meat, fresh fruit/veggies and soy milk for Chucky Sue. Of course the time we get low on money is when we need to buy the most expensive items.
For lunch we ate spicy ranch chicken leftovers with some ramen. Dinner was "just add water" triple berry pancakes and leftover bacon.

We also planned for our "addictions". I made Puppy Chow with leftover cereal and cocoa powder, then divided it up into 1/2 cup portions. I have enough for one a day until we get paid. As for my Dr Pepper addiction, I'm hoping to not give into the temptation at all, but there are $0.79 bottles at Kroger, just in case.

Monday, December 5th
Starting Account Balance: $584.35
$525 rent
~$20 groceries (will update once we've purchased them.)
Ending Account Balance: $39.35

We knew rent was eating up most of this check. Normally we have the previous check's cash on hand for grocery and living expenses, but christmas planning and a trip up to DC for Dorita's sealing to Chloe and Superman took up our normal savings. Totally worth it, and wouldn't change our decision for all the groceries in the world. I'm currently planning our grocery shopping trip- thankfully our local Kroger is having some good deals. I've budgeted $20 for two week's worth of meals. I did notice that our water filter light has turned yellow. I'm hoping with limited use, it won't turn red until the next paycheck! Our unfiltered water makes Chucky's diapers very gross. As for diapers? We're low- but we have a coupon that should make a small package do-able.

As for entertainment, we have been enjoying Netflix and video games. Chucky Sue is still very much in love with her new play kitchen, (Thanks Nonie & Ooogie!) so she's always entertained.

Breakfast: Chucky Sue ate leftover pancakes and yogurt, Jake and I had blueberry muffins.
Lunch: PB&J and potato chips
Dinner: Tuna Casserole

Well so far, so good- next update on this "experiment" will be wednesday night!


Amy says:
at: Dec 5, 2011, 7:40:00 PM said...

CVS has a great deal on diapers this week! Good luck, we've totally been there. You can do it!

Amy says:
at: Dec 5, 2011, 7:43:00 PM said...

I'm sure you saw it, but here it is:

miss jen says:
at: Dec 5, 2011, 7:49:00 PM said...

Maybe Chucky Sue can whip you up some plastic meals in her kitchen? She never runs out of food! You'll appreciate the anniversary gift when it finally reaches you! Your "dinner out" fix will be satisfied! Hang in there! This is a learning experience! Love you!

Amy says:
at: Dec 5, 2011, 7:56:00 PM said...

Free Toblerone($1) at Kroger this week if you have the $.50 coupon from 11/13 smartsource. Chocolate!
I'm done commenting now, maybe.