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31 Days of Halloween: Day Two

Since joining Pinterest (I think all my past entries have been inspired by that website!) I started a board call "Spooks and Treats" for all halloween/autumn themed web delights I found. Here are a few of my absolute favorites!
a classic DIWK (Do It With Kids) project. Empty milk gallons and sharpies (or construction paper if you're feeling adventurous.)

from "Celestial Pumpkins"(how to link)
 I think these are simply gorgeous. It's like a lite brite for adults! Imagine all the different patterns you could do or with colored lights?

those plates would be up all year long at my house!

add a little scrapbook paper over the tictac label for cute party favors.

another kid-friendly craft, string felt leaves with yarn for a fall themed garland.

check out my pinterest board for even more halloween awesomeness or email me for a pinterest invite!