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31 Days of Halloween: Day Nine

I write little love notes and silly jokes on my eggs already just to make Jake smile when he opens up the fridge. I took it a little further when I bought a quick half dozen this week.
I had some of these Q-tip coloring sticks leftover from last Easter.

I attempted an one eyed monster- I may go back and add some details with a sharpie later, but this was a quick 5 minute or less project. I liked the striped dragon's egg next to it the best.

such a happy jackolantern egg nestled next to an alien's egg. The pink splotchy one back there was my attempt at a bleeding egg.

These aren't hard boiled, so I did this craft myself to make sure little Chucky Sue didn't crack it open during coloring, I highly suggest not coloring raw eggs with little ones around. You can also color with crayons, stickers and markers- no one ever made a rule that you have to use dye on eggs!