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Quest for the Perfect Chocolate Chip Cookie

Chandler: Do any of your grandmother's relatives have the recipe Phoebe?
Phoebe: I think so, my grandmother said she got the recipe from her grandmother, Nes-lea Toulleouse.
Monica: wait a minute, what was that name?
Phoebe: Nes-leaToulleouse.
Monica: Nestle TollHouse?
Phoebe: you americans always butcher the french language.

My Quest For the Perfect Chocolate Chip Cookie
Every once in while I'll bake some cookies and share my results here- I burn my food so you don't have to!

Today's recipe was featured on
chosen because I didn't have any eggs or way to get eggs. laziness is the mother of invention.

or something.

Ease of Recipe: 4/5 stars- I had all these ingredients on hand. I didn't have to melt butter or grind my own flour.

Cooking Time: 2/5 this recipe only makes about 6-8 cookies, so 45 minutes is a tad longer than I want to want for instant satisfaction cookies.
Taste: 2/5 I don't prefer crunchy cookies, these would be good dunking cookies though! I think the flour-y aftertaste can be blamed on my inaccurate measuring.

Overall Review
this recipe mixed together really quickly, but to wait all this time is killing me! They didn't spread out at all, so they are very thick. (explaining the long cooking time) They are crunchy- much like a chipsahoy cookie- even when still warm. They are not super sweet and have a bit of a flour-y aftertaste.  Not my favorite cookie. These would be great if you need a small amount of cookies short notice.


NRV Deals says:
at: Sep 30, 2011, 9:20:00 PM said...

I shared my, end all be all, Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe a bit ago. Try it! I'm pretty sure it will end your quest.