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BookSneeze Review: Love You More By Jennifer Grant

Note: I recieved this book to review via they did not influence my review in anyway.
Love You More By Jennifer Grant
My Rating: 4/5 Stars

This book is a quick and fun read. Grant details her life as young mother feeling her family was incomplete, even after having three biological children and despite being physically capable of having more- adopted a sweet girl from Guatamala. She infuses her belief in God and family stories with  modern day politics and ethics surrounding international adoption. Placing letters and emails from her adoption journey in almost every chapter gives you a great insight to the ups and downs of the process.

I loved reading this book. It was quirky and fast-paced, though short. She adds great humor to such serious topics. (and like me, uses parenthetical statements to joke with the reader.) She also has great resources listed in the appendix along with discussion questions which go well with both book clubs and adoption groups. While I didn't learn specifics of international adoption- her own story took almost a year AFTER all the paperwork was completed. I was introduced to roadblocks I didn't know existed and was given a push in a right direction if adoption is something I wish to pursue. I would highly recommend this book to those wanting a personal story about international toddler adoption, not just a textbook like list of "what to expect".