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Photos by Tara

One of my friends, Tara, from the local student ward offered to take photos of Chucky-Sue a long time ago, and we finally took her up on it.

Chucky-Sue was a little grumpy, but Tara managed to get some great smiles out of her. We walked around her local park and let her run wild.

she hates the feeling of grass on her feet, just like her mama!

She makes such silly faces now

Her daddy does the same thing with his tongue when he is concentrating real hard.

I love my little monkey.
So to all my local friends, I highly recommend Photography By Tara. You should check out her facebook page too, it has some great shots of the horses she works with and some cute wedding sets too.

Thank you Tara!!


Tara says:
at: Jul 15, 2011, 12:18:00 PM said...

Tracy, I just saw this post and I wanted to say thank you for linking to my page :)

Charlie is so cute and so fun!