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Animal Sounds according to Chucky-Sue

Chucky-Sue is one of the most vocal toddlers I've met, she babbles all the time, even in her sleep! We've been working on the fun fun game of "What does _____ say?" Here are her answers:

Monkey: Ooh Aah.
Sheep: Aah Aah.
Duck: Waa Waa
Cat: Ow Ow
Dog: Aah. Aah.
Cow: Ooh Ooh

She is basically latching on to the main sound, and skipping over the beginning or ending of the word. Some other words that we've translated:

More: Or
No: Nonononononononononono! (add in some hand signs of pinching and hitting and you're getting close to a true Charlie No.)
Ow: Ow (She also says this for no if she's unsuccessful with her nonononononono rant)
Yes: Yah or Uh-uh
Food/Snack: Num Num
Mother: Mama
Father: Dada (more like DahDUH or DAHdee)

She signs Thank You, Eat, Me and More with accuracy, she understands Banana, Mama, Dada, Share, Sit and Down but hasn't signed those that I've noticed.

She's adorable,  she grabs a stack of her books and starts rapid-fire babbling. She then climbs on one of our laps and demands we listen to her read the books. If we don't respond with "oh really?" or "good job" she gets this look on her face that I swear she learned from Nonie and points emphatically to the page and re-babbles the whole thing.


miss jen says:
at: Jul 23, 2011, 8:23:00 PM said...

If she got it from me, it must be genetic because I don't live close enough to you guys for her to have learned my facial expressions!
You make pretty good faces and if I recall, reading aloud to you was something you DEMANDED from Dad or I, often! Reading and being pushed on a swing!
I wish I could see the videos you try to send, but my phone & Comcast are not compatible I guess. End of August, I can update my phone.