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Makings of a Nerd

Oh early seeds of Nerdhood, how you have blossomed! Anyone who has met me would call me a nerd. and I don't take it as an insult. (See this video John Green made, it better explains my unhurt feelings. ignore the awesome home library, that's not why you haven't offended me.)

I don't know any point in my childhood where I was suddenly a nerd. I think it's something you develop overtime.  I have never thought that the terms "nerd", "dork", or "geek" were offensive. To me, those labels just meant you were passionate about something; Even though 11 year old me couldn't explain that at the time.

I do remember obsessing over TV shows and movies at a young age- especially Disney. My mom even bought me several "History of Walt Disney" trivia books. I still love everything to do with Disney, the parks, the movies, and the characters.  Then came Pokemon, until I was introduced to that, I don't think I had played any video game other than Tetris. (and Yes, I do want Pokemon Black. Thankyouverymuch.) My mom can vouch for my Pokemon craze. I had the cards, the video game guides, my friend Jessie taped the videos and we'd rush to her house after school to watch them. I think I even bought my first anime/manga book because of Pokemon.

And the final step, Harry Potter. After a slow start in the first book (I recommend skipping the first chapter if you're a reluctant Harry Potter Reader,  it's too slow a start for an impatient reader like me. Just make sure you go back and read it before, say, the third book.) I devoured the rest of the series. I have had political discussions about fictional government (magical) agencies. I've attended midnight book and movie releases. When playing 20 questions, you can bet I'm thinking of a Harry Potter character.

Being a nerd has lead me to meeting my awesome husband, a fellow comic book and superhero nerd.

It's introduced me to the world of Nerdfighteria. (see video above.)

It just means I enjoy what I enjoy to the fullest.

Are you a nerd about anything? Art? Music? Theater? Science Fiction?

How did you start your journey of Nerdhood?


miss jen says:
at: Apr 29, 2011, 5:27:00 PM said...

Ah, Pokemon! How you LOVED it so! And I thought it was the most boring video game EVER! Still do! But I loved you (still do, too) and if Pokemon was what you wanted for your birthday or Christmas... then you got it! Let's see, what else do I remember you enjoying that others may have thought "nerdish". Your "peasant" stage in clothing, books having anything & everything to do with witches & wizards, you went through a "Babysitters Club" phase, Xena, Broadway musicals, Improv, Beanie Babies... Ok I'll stop. Some of those things weren't really "nerdy", but fun to remember! Love you!