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Chucky-Sue Update

again, for the grandmothers:

Chucky-Sue's stats!
She's probably 19lbs now, eating more and more "table" food everyday, but she still prefers her "baby" foods. I'm hoping that in 3 weeks at her check up we'll finally be over 20lbs! You'll have to wait till after that appointment for her height and head percentiles.

She correctly says "mama" and "dada" to the right parent now! For a while, we were both mama and dada. among her vocabulary: hi, bye, no, and one. She has her signs for food, more, and up. We are still working on thank you, yes, no and toilet.

She is on 90% sippy cup, 10% bottle, and 100% whole milk. (Which may change at her next doctor appointment, if he nixes my unauthorized switch to cow's milk, but her constipation problem is completely gone now- proving to me it was the formula the whole time.)

She has stood unassisted for maybe 2 whole seconds, and it freaked her out! I don't think she'll be doing that, or walking, for a few months. But she can crawl fast! We play tag up and down our hallway all the time. Though, i have learned that climbing CAN happen before walking, she climbs up onto our couch, up our bookshelves, and I'm waiting for the day she climbs out of her crib.

Her favorite pastime? emptying shelves, boxes, drawers and cupboards of their contents and throwing them around. She loves her leap frog bilingual bongo, her green purse, and the picnic set she got for her birthday. But her favorite toy is whatever mommy and daddy have in their hands.

So, there you go loved ones, Chucky-Sue is alive, well and developing right on track :)


miss jen says:
at: Mar 14, 2011, 6:15:00 AM said...

Thank you for the Charlie update on her growth. Sounds like she's doing great! As for "unauthorized" things you do with her... a mom knows better than the doctor about most things! If it's not hurting her, I say go for it! I'm glad she is eating more FOOD! I was worried back in Feb. Kiss her cheek for me & tell her I love & miss her! Keep a lookout in the mail for a St Pats Day surprize! Nothing big! Love Nonie!