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Oh Boy.

Remember back when I was wishing Chucky-Sue would just crawl already?

I take back those wishes!! I'm not ready for a child that moves from the spot I put her! Chucky-Sue learns so quickly, she moved maybe an inch or two with the army crawl two days ago, and now? Now no part of my house is safe from her tiny fingers.

I've tried to capture her "army crawl" on video, unlike a true army crawl, she does not use her arms to pull her forward, but rather she spreads her legs out straight behind her, and rotates her feet to push her along. This is efficient for her as it keeps her hands free to grab anything and everything she goes by. We've had to have the "people don't eat paper" conversation several times, but she doesn't seem to quite grasp the concept. My trash is filled with spitballs and we've had two scary gagging incidents. Also, her foot crawl thing doesn't lend itself direction very well, she basically launches herself and hopes she doesn't land on anything hard.

That's my baby folks, never does anything the easy way!


Susan says:
at: Dec 4, 2010, 3:23:00 PM said...

LOL! Earlier today I was thinking my next facebook status will be something like "there's nothing like a crawling baby to show you how messy your house is!" So far today I've confiscated dog food, hair ties, tissue paper, and a needle from the tree! Christmas is a terrible time for a kid to gain mobility! Good for Charlie on the crawling, but keep your eyes out for every tiny crumb because she will find it!