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How many kids do you have?


Don't get me wrong, it's a perfectly innocent and polite chit-chatty question but every time I'm asked it I have to go through this:

Will I ever see this person again? Is this person actively involved in my extended families' lives? Do they actually care for an answer or are they just being polite? Will Chucky-Sue ever meet this person when she's older and talking? Is this a reconnecting friend I want to be honest with, but yet don't have THAT deep of a relationship with? Is this just a random facebook friend I added because facebook told me to? Have they gone through similar experiences? Do I just mention Angelina? What about Rachel? Do I want to talk about it all over again? Do I have time to answer all the follow-up questions? Does it really matter with the task at hand? and on and on and on...

and you know if you pause for even a moment too long the nice cashier at wal-mart will make a cute joke about losing count of them and then feel TERRIBLE if you mention you lost a child. Gah. Not looking forward to any high school reunions when I'm sure to be facing that question a LOT.

So dear cashier at wal-mart, I have one beautiful baby that I'll tell you about and let you coo over. but, I have five daughters.


Coiner Family says:
at: Nov 19, 2010, 8:16:00 AM said...

Amen to that! Ronald McDonald House in Roanoke hosted us for over a week, when G was born and in the NICU. Hot meals, shuttles, not to mention a free room! Everyone should donate!