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Oh New England...

So the little one and I are up here for my sister's high school graduation and we're having a grand old time!!! Nonie (My mother's name for "grandmother" as she is too young to ever be called "grandmother") has been spoiling Chucky-Sue silly, lots of fun new toys to look at, a bouncy seat, and clothes by the bagful! Don't worry, she's been spoiling me too; buying me Dunkin Donut food daily and letting me take some of her old stamping stuff home!!

I've gotten to play the proud older sister role to Mae as she won a scholarship at her Senior Dinner, and I'm looking forward to reprising the role on Friday at the Graduation :) It's weird looking around at her 2010 class and seeing all the little pipsqueaks that used to annoy me on our bus! They've all grown up and even at 22 make me feel OOOLLLDDD.

Mae has also relished being an aunt, she is always kidnapping Chucky-Sue away from me. (And she willingly changes diapers!!) It's really cute to see her try to calm her down and play with her. Now go check out my mom's blog to see a video of Mae reading to Chucky-Sue :)

I love visiting up here and seeing my old friends but I can't wait to go home back to Jake, been missing him like mad :) be on the look out here and on facebook for photos of our visit!


miss jen says:
at: Jun 23, 2010, 5:19:00 PM said...

Thanks for changing your colors on you blog! I could never see what I was supposed to be reading! Now I can. Love You!