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Long Lost Writer

LAST SEEN: Searching for free wifi throughout town
REWARD: Nothing but more funny awesome interesting posts

Sorry I've been so MIA the last month or so, our neighbor moved and so did our wifi at home. Thankfully nothing too exciting passed without documentation (thanks to my mobile facebook to update photos instantly.)

We've been just getting used to being a family of three, Chucky-Sue and I have lots of fun during the day getting to know each other. She has a few new "tricks". She smiles all the time now, attempts to sit up despite her large noggin, and loves playing with scarves and brightly colored things. We're actively excited for the big trip up to New England (and the train! I love Trains!!) But I've learned that planning long trips with a youngster is not fun. Half the weight I'll be carrying will be food and diapers for ms.stinky-butt. :)

Chucky-Sue has been playing a local "celebrity" visiting our families various workplaces (two schools, two offices, a restaurant and a bank) she is still great with strangers and can put on a "show" for them by smiling and babbling away.

I do have photos and videos to post someday, but my battery is dying so you'll have to live with this short post!