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Repost from Life With Gracie

  Life With Gracie is my mother's blog, here's a copy of her most recent post: (Note: Carlotta= Chucky-Sue, Evergreen= Angelina)

Kaya doesn't remember T, but since I talk about T a lot, she thinks she remembers her.
She knows I have another daughter other than C and that my cat, Gracie, has a name that rhymes with T.
She knows cats have multiple babies (2 litters in her house) and that T was pregnant with multiples.
She gets these facts mixed up sometimes. She thinks all the events that happened with Evergreen and Carlotta were Gracie's, not T's babies. Conversations take on new meanings until I remember she's talking about T, not my cat!
She knows that sometimes babies die and return to live with Heavenly Father. She reminds me that her moms baby died and now their baby has a new friend in heaven because T's baby died too.

Which brings me to her most recent logic.

During lunch, she saw my cell phone screen saver picture. It is of Evergreen, sleeping. I love talking about my grand kids, even to a 3 yr old. We talked about the recent events (T is Gracie to her) and what we were feeling. Then her eyes lit up!

"I have a great ideer, Miss Jen! I gots a Baby Alive doll upstaahs. She eats and poops like Gracies baby, Charlotte. I get her for you so Gracie can have 2 babies again! 'Kay, Miss Jen?"

I know that T keeps her babies alive in her heart and memories, even more than I do, but that concept is lost on a 3 yr old. She believes she has solved a problem. She spent the next hour in her room looking for the doll. Too cute!

I love little children's logic on such adult problems, their sweet innocence is just too adorable to be believed. Kaya is also the one that said Angelina looked like Ariel from Little Mermaid, which in 3 year old terms is the highest of compliments. :)


miss jen says:
at: Mar 11, 2010, 7:44:00 PM said...

I love you T! Thanks for... well, you know. No more guilt trips for a while.=)

at: Mar 16, 2010, 11:05:00 AM said...
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