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Turkey Bowl and Dinner

Yesterday was unusually warm, so it was weird watching football in a t-shirt, jeans and flip-flops. Seriously, in November I shouldn't be able to wear sandals!! But the Turkey Bowl: Town Ward + a few Uni ward kids was interesting. The old men were wheezing, and breaking body parts and the young men were running circles around them. I sat on the sidelines with the "wimminfolk" and took embarrassing photos, which I'll post later, and played with the kids. Vacuum Boy was there, and he was adorable. Then he sold Little Sister to Chloe cause he was bored with her :) He got some pie or something like that. I also held Little Sister for a record two minutes without her crying, then she saw her mom socializing and having fun without her, she got upset quickly.

Gram sent me my christmas ornament through Jake's family, it was a very nice surprise! I absolutely LOVE it too, it's a little street scene of Newburyport; Vacuum Boy was mesmerized by it. He was very careful with it and placed it ever so gingerly in the box when he was done. It was nice to share that tradition with other families.

I made my sister's famous chocolate cream pie, but with soy milk and sugar free pudding. I didn't notice much of a difference, but Jake made me promise to make it with normal pudding next time. Though I think total, there were about 9 pies. They know how to do desserts :)

Anyone else excited for the next National Treasure? I loved the first movie, and this one looks just as good. Maybe you just need to be a history lover like me. Also movie-wise: Enchanted is a GREAT movie. Very funny and touching.